Keith Borer Consultants

Keith Borer Consultants has been providing forensic consultancy and expert witness services since 1980 and can bring a wealth of expertise and experience to each case. In 2015 Keith Borer Consultants became part of Orchid Cellmark Ltd, gaining access to a large range of accredited laboratory and analytical facilities.

Full time
Keith Borer Consultants Remote (UK)
Keith Borer Consultants is a Forensic Science Consultancy that has been providing expert witness services since 1980.  We are looking for an Experienced Cell Site Analyst to join our Digital Forensics team. The role involves: communicating directly with customers to establish requirements and provide estimates.  travelling UK wide, and on occasion further afield, to perform Radio Frequency Propagation surveys. interpreting Radio Frequency Propagation survey results and preparing mapping. analysis of Call Data Records. preparation of written reports which are accurate and easy to understand. peer reviewing the reports of colleagues. advising Counsel, preparing joint expert statements and presenting evidence at Court. assisting in progressing towards ISO 17025 accreditation in your area. The successful candidate will be a team player with excellent organisational, technical, and communication skills. They will also have the ability to take responsibility for...
22 Feb, 2021