Jobtensor helps companies of all sizes to attract specialists from the fields of natural sciences IT and technology. Our solutions go far beyond the old "post and pray" of traditional portals. In our Tensorlabs ©, we are researching new paths for candidate search under high pressure and with in-house expertise.

Jobtensor helps the recruiters, HR departments and whole companies to achieve more. We give our clients the right tools to hire the right people and do it easier and faster.

But how can we keep track? Tensorsemantics © combines related disciplines and disciplines, thus eliminating the keyword isolation of traditional portals. This makes finding relevant job advertisements even easier. Imagine the perfect candidate sailing past your company because he did not find your job posting. If companies and applicants do not fit together is the one thing. If they did not even have the opportunity to get to know each other, this is a missed opportunity. Stop missing opportunities.