The area we are responsible for covers over 2,500 square kilometres (over 965 square miles) and has a population of over one million. There is a rich diversity of communities all with their own policing needs.

Many steps have been taken to bring policing back into the very heart of local communities. Nine neighbourhood policing areas are headed by an inspector whose responsibility is to ensure that their area receives a 24-hour policing service.

Rather than waiting for crimes to be committed, we are working more and more to plan operations and target criminals. Many of these operations, which are aimed at tackling specific problems, involve working in partnership with local residents and other agencies and have proved to be very successful.

Over the years we have forged close working relationships with local communities, other organisations and agencies and we continue to develop and strengthen these partnerships, working together to fight crime and improve the quality of life for everyone.

Whether you're interested in a public-facing policing role or playing your part behind the scenes to help keep our communities safe, we have a range of exciting career options. Do you have what it takes to be part of #TeamLeicestershire?

Full time
Leicestershire Police Annesley, Nottingham, UK
Embark on a career in Digital Forensics, in a role where you can really make a difference. Our diligent and forward-thinking Digital Intelligence and Investigations Unit are looking for a Regional Digital Forensics Technician on a full time, permanent basis, as part of the East Midlands Special Operations Unit (EMSOU). Here at EMSOU, we deliver specialist capabilities on behalf of the five East Midlands police forces, focusing on intelligence gathering and the disruption and investigation of serious and organised crime. EMSOU is made up of teams dealing with Counter Terrorism, Regional Organised Crime, Major Crime, Forensic Services, Legal Services and a Regional Review Unit. We carry out crime scene investigations, a range of forensic analysis and evidence handling as part of the investigation process. As a Regional Digital Forensics Technician, you will be recovering forensic data from digital media, mobile phones and other analogue and digital systems. No two days...