Counter Terrorism Policing North East

The Counter Terrorism Unit (CTU) was set up in April 2007 in the North East. It is part of the network of Counter Terrorism Units, established to strengthen the UK’s response to the threat from terrorism.

Counter Terrorism Policing North East works within the national counter terrorism network to make sure that the police service in the UK is better equipped to prevent or respond to incidents of terrorism and domestic extremism to investigate and prosecute those involved.

We deliver specialist support to police throughout the country, and in particular, forces in the North East region. The Unit draws on a wide range of expertise including; skilled detectives, financial investigators, community contact teams, intelligence analysts, forensic specialists and high-tech investigators.

The CTU combines the very latest technology with dedicated resources. In doing so, it is largely self sufficient and can effectively co-ordinate enquiries and operations, without compromising the commitment of local forces to day to day policing.

Terrorism inquiries are extensive and have the potential to tie up large numbers of officers for prolonged periods of time. The Counter Terrorism Units recognise the long term impact of these investigations on local forces. They bring together the range and volume of staff needed to respond to incidents, without hindering efforts to tackle the other crimes which affect our communities.