Whitehat Computer Forensics LLC

HashSets.com has been providing professional hash sets to computer forensic and cybersecurity professionals since 2003. 

Whitehat Computer Forensics LLC Remote (Work from Home Office)
After 20 successful years with HashSets.com I am preparing for retirement and am seeking a talented and responsible person to assume my role as the new Owner and Manager.  There are no employees other than yourself.  HashSets.com was created in 2003 to provide digital forensic and cybersecurity professionals with known-good/safe/non-threatening MD5/SHA1/SHA256 hash sets that were not yet provided by others on the Internet.  Our hash sets ultimately complemented the US Government’s NSRL Datasets.   HashSets.com worldwide subscribers span from all major industries including law enforcement, military/defense, government, corporate and private.       Even though HashSets.com has never advertised or been directly involved in any social media marketing it has continually ranked on the very first page during Google, Yahoo and Bing search results.   Needless to say, there is a potential for significant new growth if advertisment and social media marketing are instituted....