Digital Evidence Ventures

Digital Evidence Ventures is a boutique Digital Forensics and eDiscovery firm based in the Sacramento California area. Led by two former FBI Special Agents who are also non-practicing attorneys, the firm handles matters for law firms and businesses. Common subject areas include Theft of Trade Secrets, Employee Misconduct, Fraud and Criminal Defense or investigation for prosecution.

Full time
Digital Evidence Ventures Roseville, CA, USA
Entry Level Digital Forensic Examiner Position Digital Evidence Ventures is led by Partners who are former FBI Special Agents now with 16 years of private sector experience leading a firm with a reputation for effective digital evidence examination and testimony. The examiner will be responsible for forensic collection from computers, cell phones, virtual and network devices as well as task-based examinations of the evidence. Investigations could include theft of trade secrets, fraud, employee misconduct, Title IX violations, criminal and Incident Response. Will operate under the supervision of a Senior Examiner or Partner. Will prepare technically accurate and high quality reports of findings and be able to provide sworn written or live testimony at deposition or trial. A competitive candidate will have: A Bachelors degree in a related field of study. An investigative mind for problem solving on complex matters. The ability to self-manage time and tasks. Strong written and verbal communication skills. Familiarity with operating systems and networking. Proficiency with forensic tools (FTK, Axiom, Cellebrite, f-response, Paladin). The ability to travel occasionally throughout the US. Some experience is a plus. Apply via email--no phone calls please.
30 Jul, 2019