Disklabs Ltd

Disklabs Ltd are the UK’s market leaders in digital forensics, with 25 years’ experience of delivering expertise into the public and private sectors. Our specialist digital forensic services are successfully delivered to law enforcement; government agencies; global corporations and legal teams.

We bring together digital expertise with forensics, eDiscovery & disclosure, and cyber security and have dedicated digital forensic laboratories, data recovery, data erasure and asset management facilities all under one roof.


Our reputation for excellence is second to none and we are recommended to all UK law enforcement and Government Agencies by the UK’s National Crime Agency (NCA). We are trusted by our clients for data integrity and security and our premises are certified as a Police Assured Secure Facility (PASF).

By sharing our expertise, we build trust and confidence with our clients, developing high quality solutions that solve their challenges. Our clients include the NCA, Metropolitan Police Service, ICO, DELL and many others. Since 1997, we have been delivering services domestically and internationally; both overtly and covertly. Our global reach spans the UK, Europe, America, Africa, the Middle East & Asia.

Our in-house R&D and Advanced Specialist Forensics team have a proven track record of delivering technical solutions with success, where others have been unable to deliver.


Focussed on highly quality solutions and services, we are proud to hold 5 ISO accreditations, all repeatedly reaccredited without loss, demonstrating our commitment to quality. We are the only UK Forensic Service provider to hold this number of accreditations which reflects our commitment to security, quality, our people and clients, our community and environment.

We are proud to be accredited for:

·         ISO 9001:2015 ​​Quality Management

·         ISO 27001:2013​ ​Information Security Management System

·         ISO 14001:2015​​Environmental Management

·         ISO 22301:2012​​Business Continuity Management

·         PASF​​​​Home office registered Police Assured Secure Facility

·         Cyber Essentials

·         Cyber Essentials Plus

·         SSIP and TRAC Registered

Not only do we hold gold standard accreditations, but we are the only dedicated digital forensics service provider that hold all the above accreditations and coupled with ISO 14001 this reflects our commitment to our community and the environment.


We are trusted by our clients because Disklabs operate out of a Police Assured Secure Facility and have dedicated ISO accredited digital laboratories where security, process and procedures are paramount.

Disklabs specialist teams are all vetted to SC level, or above and operate in government data centres and MOD sites capturing and forensically analysing and erasing data which is Protectively Marked.


Disklabs have a Specialist In-House Advanced Data Recovery service which is recommended to all UK law enforcement and Government Agencies by UK’s National Crime Agency (NCA). We offer advanced data recovery services from servers & RAID arrays across all operating systems, as we understand that your data is critical, and you need it quickly to run your business.

We also provide services and training to criminal defence solicitors, law enforcement, government agencies and military intelligence in matters of criminal justice, national security, and the recovery of evidential material.

Our other services include Disklabs Managed Data Erasure Service. We securely remove all data and information from all digital media types; on-site at the client’s facility, or at our PASF. Disklabs destroy sensitive data on police exhibits, government IT infrastructure including servers, workstations, mobile phones and laptops and enterprise class data centre equipment.

Disklabs offer a range of lifecycle solutions to Data Centre’s & Corporate Clients around enterprise storage equipment, ensuring data security requirements are met. These solutions include certified data erasure, equipment decommissioning, asset management and revenue return on End-of-Life equipment.

Our extensive range of Faraday Bags guarantee the security of evidence, protect important files and safeguard key information from attack, hacking and tracking. Whether it is on a mobile phone, tablet, laptop, or digital device, we are the number one provider of active RF shielding into law enforcement and government agencies.

As a forward thinking and agile company, Disklabs continue to strive to build its services through innovation and research & development. We actively embrace strategic collaborations, and this has led to the development of a number of cutting-edge solutions and services.