South Yorkshire Police

In the past few years, SYP has made great strides in our journey to becoming an outstanding organisation in all respects. We are one of the country’s top performing forces and rated the most improved force, for the third consecutive year, in our latest HMICFRS inspection. Our trajectory is entirely positive and we have ambitious plans for the future.

To support our resurgence, and provide the public with the service they desire, we need to attract the very best candidates to support our existing officers and staff. To do this, SYP is embarking on a significant recruitment drive – the largest we have seen in living memory.

We recently announced our intentions to recruit 220 additional officers over and above those officers retiring or leaving for other reasons. These intentions now sit alongside HM Government’s recent pledge to fund the recruitment of an additional 20,000 officers across England and Wales.

Our force encompasses full spectrum policing and therefore offers a broader range of roles and fulfilment than might be available in some other forces.

The bottom line is this: if you are a person of the right calibre, with the right values and a strong sense of public duty, then we will be able to provide you with fantastic opportunities.

You can find details of where we are currently recruiting and details of when registration opens for new student officers and other roles, below. You can also sign up for job alerts here.