24 Dec, 2019

Open Source / Digital Forensic specialist consultant

  • private
  • London, UK
Temporary/Contract Analyst

Job Description

As a media organisation, we take the online safety and security of all personnel extremely seriously.

We are looking for two Open Source / Digital Forensic specialist consultants to work in-house with us on a project basis, using OSINT techniques to build up comprehensive online footprints; identifying areas of potential vulnerability both in terms of personal safety and reputational risk.

The successful candidates will ideally be based in our London offices for a six-week period (February – March), although some flexibility is available if required.

Main Responsibilities:            

  • Undertaking OSINT work to build comprehensive online footprints and personal profiles to establish areas of potential vulnerability both in terms of personal safety and reputational risk.
  • Locate any breaches of PII within digital footprints and offer practical and timely solutions to mitigate any associated risk as a result of the located breaches.
  • Undertaking Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) investigations to identify individuals levelling threats to other personnel connected to the business.
  • Using OSINT, compile reputational risk assessments based on historic social media data.
  • Advise on, and implement appropriate IT solutions associated with personal risk assessments, including secure messaging services and ghosted phone and email identities.
  • If needed, advise on appropriate proactive platforms that may be used to monitor social media accounts (where approval has been sought) for threats of violence or signs of abuse or harassment. Where appropriate, present recovered data and associated analysis to sources and management in a concise and legible format.

Essential Requirements & Experience:

  • Demonstrable digital forensic and investigative in a corporate, law enforcement or other relevant setting, using industry standard computer forensic software to independently conduct comprehensive analysis.
  • Extensive experience of using Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) to build digital profiles and support intelligence gathering.
  • Thorough and up to date understanding of all mainstream social media platforms, recovery and search options and associated data scraping tools and techniques.
  • Experience of use of a variety of data sourcing, logging and monitoring software, e.g. Zerofox Monitoring Platform.
  • Demonstrable ability to handle sensitive / confidential information, often in high pressured environments. – (Successful candidates will be required to sign a Non-Disclosure agreement.)
  • Ability to work alone, using initiative and drive to complete projects to the highest standard and within tight timescales.


As part of the recruitment process, candidates will be required to complete a variety of tasks designed to showcase your OSINT abilities and will be based on real-life examples from similar project work.