16 Jun, 2021

Mobile Device Forensic Investigator

  • Mobile Content Management Solutions Ltd
  • Horsham, West Sussex, UK
Full time Mobile Specialist

Job Description

Responsible to The Head of Professional Services and in his/her absence, the Managing
Key Accountabilities:
The Forensic Investigation of Mobile Digital Devices
Data recovery using specialised software and hardware from Mobile
Digital Devices
Adherence to Standard Practice documentation
Repair assessment and repair of Mobile digital devices for data recovery
General support of the Professional Services
Expected Competencies:
Demonstrable knowledge and experience within the forensic
investigation of mobile digital devices
Knowledge of Forensic science principles
Knowledge of ISO standardised systems; ability to work within a defined
SOP/workflow-based system
Experience of using mobile device forensic tools; likely to include some
or all of the following, Cellebrite, XRY, Griffeye, Magnet, Hancom
Demonstrable ability to confidently problem-solve and make decisions
during analyses
Demonstrable knowledge and experience of digital technology
Desirable Competencies:
Experience within analysis method validation and verification
Certification, or professional training, in digital forensic tool use
Experience in JTAG, board-swapping and chip-off forensics

Place of Work:
Company HQ- Horsham, West Sussex
£35k - £40k – dependent on experience
Company performance-based bonus
Candidates unable to successfully achieve security clearance at NPPV 3 SC
level will not have their probation extended.