30 Oct, 2021

Systems Specialist

  • U.S. Probation
  • St. Louis, MO, USA
Full time Analyst

Job Description

  • Conducts forensic examinations of digital related evidence using established policies, procedures, and precedent techniques. Examination can include, but are not limited to: financial, terrorist, and sexually explicit material cases. Confers with the Supervisory Probation Officer about policies and procedures in relation to digital related evidence.
  • Responsible for training employees in this Court and across the nation on forensic related procedures. This includes the proper evidence collection, handling, and chain of custody methods either via video, teleconference or in-person.
  • Receives evidence from other districts, checking items into custody, logging the items received, and initiating the case within the case management software. This would include data entry into SIRS and PACTS to ensure proper credit is received for each examination.
  • Collects and prepares digital evidence for forensic examination.
  • May be required to testify in legal proceedings as to the procedures and methods used to obtain data, as well as to the findings of the examination.
  • Develops, prepares, and presents reports of findings of forensic examinations.
  • Responsible for verification of forensics tools validation.
  • Coordinates the maintenance, security and troubleshooting on all hardware and software for forensic tools.
  • Identifies, diagnoses, and corrects errors and problems.
  • Assists in developing new procedures and policies for the forensic lab and the districts served.
  • Responsible for initial scan and installation of monitoring software on offender’s electronic devices.
  • Prepare and maintain documentation and standard operating procedures and checklists for end users and other technicians.
  • Provide day-to-day systems backups and verify the validity of data.
  • Maintains the evidence tracking software, which includes the administration and backing up of the program, as well as keeping the program’s software updated.
  • Conducts the semi-annual inventories on all evidence maintained in the forensic lab. Tracks evidence to determine if the forensic lab needs to maintain it for evidentiary reasons.
  • Responsible for the disposing of all evidence which is no longer needed for evidentiary reasons.
  • Responsible for ensuring the evidence is appropriately removed from the evidence tracking software.
  • Maintains contact with the forensic community for the purpose of keeping abreast of developments, techniques, and user programs.
  • Recommend hardware, equipment, and software updates.
  • Provide related duties, as assigned.