13 Jan, 2022

Digital Forensic Consultant

  • Serious Fraud Office
  • 2-4 Cockspur Street, London, UK
Full time Mobile Specialist

Job Description

The SFO supports the UK’s prosperity and global market position by promoting stable business conditions through investigating and prosecuting serious and complex fraud, bribery and corruption and money laundering. Our mission is to reduce the harm caused by high level economic crime, and preserve and enhance the reputation of the UK as a safe place to do business. We do that by taking on a selected number of large complex cases for investigation and, where appropriate, prosecution or judicially supervised disposal. We also pursue criminals for recovery of unlawful financial gains. We are unique in that we both investigate and prosecute offenders and have special legal powers to enable us to do this. The Digital Forensic Unit (DFU) is responsible for the processing and analysis of all digital evidence seized by or provided to the Serious Fraud Office. This includes the collection of evidence on site, forensic extraction of any items seized or received, and the processing of these items into a medium that Case Teams can access through the SFO eDiscovery Systems. The DFU works closely with the Case Teams to ensure that required material is delivered in a timely and appropriate manner. Digital Forensic Consultants are domain leaders in their field and will be responsible for the capability and quality of Digital Forensic processing, analysis and interpretation within the DFU. They will act as principle subject matter experts (SME) in order to provide accurate and informative guidance to both technical and non-technical staff, enabling the effective extraction and exploitation of digital evidence. They will also analyse digital forensic evidence, provide investigative insights and reporting into Case Teams and the Criminal Justice System beyond. The post holder will have responsibility for the management and delivery of day to day tasks undertaken by analysts and examiners on a variety of digital media & devices, providing clear and concise details of progress and findings. They will be required to provide reports and updates to the Head of Unit in a timely manner, including presenting findings, developments and recommendations regarding digital material. They will manage, mentor and develop staff and the capabilities of the unit.