10 Feb, 2023

Data Forensics Investigator

  • South West Forensics
  • Devizes, UK
Full time Analyst

Job Description

To provide South West Regional Forces with an evidential Data Investigation capability.

To take responsibility for the management of the technical investigation including securing and retrieving data from seized computer systems and mobile devices, including configuration of operating systems and applications, attending searches where necessary, producing technical documentation in relation to data retrieved from computers and media.

Presenting evidence in court as required and providing advice to police officers on forensic computer analysis, in order to assist in the investigation of Data Forensics crime in its entirety and gathering of evidence to support a criminal prosecution.

The majority of the examinations will be undertaken at the request of the Investigating Officer to provide intelligence and evidence to identify and prosecute offenders and identify witness/victims. A vital part of the role is the integrity and continuity of evidence with subsequent presentation at judicial proceedings.

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