06 Mar, 2023

Digital Forensic Specialist

  • Serious Fraud Office
  • Hybrid (Serious Fraud Office, Cockspur Street, London, UK)
Full time Analyst

Job Description

The Digital Forensic Unit (DFU) is responsible for the processing and analysis of all digital evidence seized by or provided to the Serious Fraud Office. This includes the collection of evidence on site, forensic extraction of any items seized or received, and the processing of these items into a medium that Case Teams can access through the SFO eDiscovery Systems. The DFU works closely with the Case Teams to ensure that required material is delivered in a timely and appropriate manner.

Digital Forensic Specialists are required to be subject matter experts on a range of digital forensic matters and processes in order to process, analyse and report on Digital Forensic casework and to give guidance to non-technical staff in order that digital material can be obtained and reviewed effectively.

You will have responsibility for the management and delivery of day to day tasks undertaken by technicians on a variety of digital media and systems, providing clear and concise details of progress and findings. You will be required to provide reports and updates to the Head of Unit in a timely manner, including presenting findings, developments and recommendations regarding digital material. You will also manage, train and oversee Digital Forensic Technicians and contribute to the development of capabilities within the Unit.

Key Responsibilities 

· Conduct digital forensic examinations within the confines of ISO 17025 and the Forensic Science Regulator's Codes of Practice (or equivalent), ensuring continuing compliance and competence.

· Provide appropriate technical advice and guidance on Digital Forensic matters to internal and external stakeholders

· Lead, support and guide Digital Forensic Examiners and Technicians with technological/Digital Forensic/eDiscovery issues by sharing knowledge to help build capability and work in collaboration to resolve issues.

· Manage workflows to ensure that all digital material is processed in a cost effective and timely manner. Monitoring resources and making recommendations towards the tasking of Band E team members.

· Provide regular reports and updates to the Head of Unit and internal stakeholders, including presenting findings, developments and recommendations regarding digital material

· Ensuring systems are in place and work practices follow approved standards (ISO 17025 and the FSR Code of Conduct) through regular Quality Assurance checks and adhering to (and developing) the SFO DFU Quality Management System.

· Liaise with Case Teams on Digital Forensic related matters to provide creative, compliant solutions to technical issues and ensure these are in line with case deadlines and processing timescales.

· Line manage Digital Forensic Technicians to monitor performance and development needs against agreed objectives and address performance issues where necessary. 

· Assist the Head of DFU to undertake the strategic planning, review and co-ordination of DFU Examiner Training and ensure that all staff are provided with development opportunities according to their needs.

· Act as support on search operations to assist in the seizure and acquisition of digital devices, ensuring the evidential integrity of the data is maintained. Providing advice and guidance to SFO search teams.

· Contribute to specialised projects to advance DFU processes by improving solutions and identifying the need to develop DFU standard operating procedures.

· Provide witness statements and attend Court to give evidence in relation to digital forensic work undertaken.

· Contribute to office-wide initiatives such as policy development, training and other work that supports the strategic development of the SFO