16 May, 2024

Deputy Digital Evidence Quality Manager

  • Serious Fraud Office
  • Hybrid
Full time Analyst

Job Description

Overview of the role:

As a Deputy Digital Evidence Quality Manager, you will play a crucial role in ensuring the accuracy, integrity, and compliance of Forensic Science Activities (FSA’s) relating to data capture, processing, and analysis from digital storage devices within the SFO. You will collaborate closely with the Digital Evidence Quality Manager, digital forensic practitioners, and other relevant stakeholders to maintain high standards of quality, reliability, and efficiency in our Digital Forensic and eDiscovery operations.

Key responsibilities:

·       Assist in developing, implementing, and maintaining QM strategies for digital forensic investigations.

·       Conduct audits to improve processes, ensuring compliance with industry standards.

·       Collaborate to analyse data for operational efficiency and actionable insights.

·       Ensure training materials meet competency standards for Forensic Science activities.

·       Support equipment maintenance and calibration for reliable investigation results.

·       Contribute to comprehensive quality management documentation, including SOPs and reports

·       Investigate and address non-conformities in digital forensic processes.

·       Stay updated on industry trends and recommend procedural updates accordingly.

·       Collaborate with external stakeholders for insights on quality assurance processes.

·       Lead in fostering a culture of quality and continuous improvement.